Interested in the New Mazda3? See How it Stacks up to Other Popular Compact Cars in Duluth

Nowadays, compact cars are becoming a more and more appealing option for drivers here in the greater Atlanta, GA area, and when you look at their strengths, it's easy to see why. Efficient, reliable, and increasingly packed with fresh features, a compact car can be an economical means of transportation. But if you crave a little bit more than just your everyday cost-effective compact car, you'll want to take a look at our new Mazda3 here at Rick Case Mazda.

The Mazda3 blends the strengths of the average compact car with the Mazda brand's characteristic devotion to inspiring design and performance. At our Mazda dealership near Johns Creek and Lawrenceville, GA, we think that the Mazda3 is easily one of the most attractive compact cars on the market, and we'd love the chance to prove it to you. That's why we've pitted our new Mazda3 against two of its most popular compact segment competitors, the Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra.

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Mazda3 vs. Toyota Corolla

  • Price:  Trying to stick to a strict budget when shopping for your next car? If so, you'll be happy to learn that the new Mazda3 has a lower starting MSRP than the Toyota Corolla.
  • Fuel Economy: If you spend a lot of time commuting between nearby Lawrenceville and Sandy Springs, GA for work, you know just how important it is to save on fuel. Fortunately, the Mazda3 offers better highway fuel economy than the Toyota Corolla, allowing you to spend more time on the road and less time at the gas pump.
  • Performance: Contrary to popular belief, choosing a compact car does not necessarily mean  that you have to sacrifice engaging driving experiences. In fact, when you choose the new Mazda3, you can enjoy up to 155 horsepower standard. By comparison, the standard horsepower offering of the new  Toyota Corolla is relatively lackluster, only coming up to about 132 horsepower.
  • Head Room: Traditionally, taller drivers have had to shy away from compact cars because many models simply lacked enough head room to accommodate them. Luckily, the Mazda3 is one of the few compact cars designed with drivers of all statures in mind, offering significantly more head room than the Toyota Corolla in both its front and rear seats.
  • Comfort: Mazda has always been known for its upscale interior craftsmanship, and when you sit down in the available leather upholstered seats of the new Mazda3, we're confident you'll see exactly why drivers from all over Atlanta love this compact car. By comparison, the new Toyota Corolla only offers premium vinyl upholstery, leaving its cabin feeling markedly less upscale.
Toyota Corolla

Mazda3 vs. Nissan Sentra

  • Performance: Pit the Mazda3 and Nissan Sentra against each other on the road, and it's clear that the Mazda3 comes out ahead. In fact, the Nissan Sentra fares even worse against the Mazda3 than the Toyota Corolla, barely managing to eke out 124 horsepower standard.
  • Safety: If you're looking for a safe car, you know how much weight the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award carries. Luckily, the Mazda3 won the IIHS Top Safety Pick award in 2018, while the Nissan Sentra did not.
  • Cargo Space: Looking for a bit more room for groceries, outdoor gear, or even a little extra space for your holiday shopping in Atlanta? If so, choose the Mazda3 over the Nissan Sentra. The Mazda3 offers a hatchback configuration with up to 47.1 cubic-feet of cargo space, while the Nissan Sentra only offers its sedan body style.
  • Technology:Inside its spacious cabin, the Mazda3 features a larger infotainment screen than the Nissan Sentra, meaning it's much easier to use on the roads of Johns Creek and Sandy Springs.
  • Audio: If you love listening to your favorite music on your daily commute here in Duluth, GA, you'll like the Mazda3 more than the Nissan Sentra, due to the fact that it has more speakers in its Bose Premium Sound System than the comparable system on the Sentra.

Want to learn more about how the Mazda3 excels? Stop by Rick Case Mazda in Duluth for a test drive today!

Nissan Sentra