Searching for your next midsize sedan? Dare to compare the new Mazda6 to its competitors here at Rick Case Mazda

Here in the greater Atlanta, GA area, there are any number of places to shop for a midsize car. Prized for their versatility and efficiency, midsize cars adorn the showroom floors of dealer ships from Sandy Springs to Lawrenceville. However,  while you can find an average midsize car nearly anywhere these days, those who are looking for a little more out of their next midsize car should opt for the new Mazda6 here at Rick Case Mazda in Duluth, GA. Dynamic and stylish, the new Mazda6 is a breath of fresh air for the midsize sedan segment. In fact, we're so confident that drivers from Atlanta to Johns Creek will love the new Mazda6 that we've put it up against two of its closest segment rivals in a competitive comparison to show you how it stacks up!

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Mazda6 vs. Toyota Camry

  • Performance: Looking for a midsize sedan that's actually fun to drive around Duluth and Atlanta, GA? If so, you'll be happy to learn that the new Mazda6 boasts more horsepower at base than the new Toyota Camry, making it a much more engaging vehicle to drive overall.
  • Fuel Economy: If you spend a lot of time commuting around the greater Atlanta, GA area or running errands to nearby Sandy Springs and Johns Creek,  chances are you're looking for ca car that can help you spend more time on the road without spending more money at the gas pump. Fortunately, when it comes to highway fuel economy, the new Mazd6 easily outclasses the new Toyota Camry.
  • Safety Systems:At our Duluth, GA Mazda dealership, we've come to know our customers from nearby Lawrenceville and Sandy Springs, GA quite well, and if there's one thing drivers value these days, it's safety. Fortunately, the  new Mazda6 comes equipped with innovative safety systems like Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, while the new Toyota Camry lacks comparable safety systems amongst its standard feature offerings.
  • Comfort:Slip inside the cabin of the Mazda6 and you'll find its interior to be pleasantly spacious and outfitted with premium materials. With available leather upholstery and front sport seating , the new Mazda6 makes it easy for drivers from all corners of the greater Atlanta, GA area to enjoy every moment of their time behind the wheel. Now, the Toyota Camry also features available leather upholstery, but lacks sport seating and many of the premium materials and features that help the new Mazd6 to stand out from the crowd.

Mazda6 vs. Nissan Altima

  • Performance: With its penchant for sporty performance, the Mazda6 easily breezes past the new Nissan Altima, which only puts out a measly 177-horsepower with its 2.5-liter engine.
  • Safety Systems:Much like the Toyota Camry before it, the Nissan Altima falls short of the Mazda6 when it comes to safety systems, lacking the Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert systems that so many Atlanta, GA drivers crave.
  • Convenience Features: Look beyond its impressive performance and sophistication, and you'll find plenty of neat features available on the new Mazda6. One such feature its Road Sign Recognition, an innovative system that actually reads road signs for you and displays the relevant information on your vehicles' head-up display. Unfortunately for Nissan Altima owners, their midsize sedan lacks comparable features.
  • Sound System Love to listen to your favorite tunes on the road? Both the new Mazda6 and the new Nissan Altima feature available Bose® premium sound systems, but the Mazda6 has an 11-speaker system, while the Altima tops out at just 9 speakers.

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